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Attack minded players who fearlessly perform with freedom of expressing themselves. 


Due to our positive coaching environment, players have a strong self belief in their abilities. 

High Soccer IQ

We believe in developing the complete player and that having a high level of intelligence for the game is very important - our off the field training is vital. 


Understanding how to play as a team, being disciplined and able to carry out roles and responsibilities within the system.

Total Soccer

Building through the thirds with quick ball movement, possessing with intent to play through the lines and being able to combine in the final third to create goal scoring opportunities. 


Instilling a never give up attitude where players work tirelessly for their teammates. 


Respect for the game and all players, coaches, referees and parents. Holding the highest standards as a person both on and off the field. 


Using SPARQ to excel in speed, power, agility, reaction & endurance. 


We are happy to be working with Sports & Ortho and their amazing team. Dahlia, Cash and company are offering our players, parents and coaches a free screening for injuries and are available to answer any questions you might have. 

Check them out online and let them know that you're with Chicago City!