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FC Bayern ID

Why affiliate with FC Bayern

FC Bayern is one of the biggest clubs in world soccer and has a proven track record of developing world-class players and competing in the highest echelons of world football

"With over 400 million supporters worldwide, and ranked as the 7th most valuable sports franchise in the World, the reigning FIFA Club World Cup Champion is one of the strongest brands in international soccer"

As an affiliate club, we will be aligning ourselves with the philosophy and methodology of the FC Bayern Junior Program. 


- FC Bayern Coaches will visit the US over the first two weeks of December, the last two weeks in June and the first week in July every year

- Affiliate DOC's will participate in a monthly conference call with FC Bayern Academy

- FC Bayern provide affiliates with access to their existing and developing curriculum - content sent bi-weekly

- Annual visits to Bayern where technical staff will be the guests of the Academy, see their methodology in action and catch a first team game


As a club we want to provide various opportunities for all of our players to receive extra curricular training with FC Bayern. 

Currently the ID program is focused on elite players and giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents at the national and international level.  We have created the following program for players to improve their level using the same curriculum as the ID program.  Spots are limited!

Technical Development Center with Coach Nick Mulvaney