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Individual Player Development


At CCSC we work hard on developing our players to be students of the game. A big part of this process is the responsibilities players have off the field to be always looking to improve their soccer IQ.

All CCSC players are required to complete a Self Evaluation online to reflect on their Fall season performance. Coaches will then complete a Player Evaluation for every player which they will receive in January to refocus on the new year. Once the full year is complete and players resign with the club they will recieve another Player Evaluation to help them develop their game over the summer season.

Evaluations are formed on the 4 Pillars of USSF Soccer which are Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological. Players will also receive videos to help them learn visually and it's also something they can go back to when they need reinforcement throughout the season.

Throughout Winter season players will do 30-45mins of OTF Training which helps develop their Soccer IQ. This has been a major development in our players over the years and this is something CCSC takes very serious. We have watched our players develop a deep understanding of the game and to listen to our players use soccer language in these sessions is something very special.


1. Player Evaluation Review
2. Individual Goal Setting
3. Team Goal Setting
4. Systems of Play / Formations
5. Roles & Responsibilities of players/positions
6. Diet & Nutrition to improve performance
7. Game Reviews
8. Game Reviews
9. Game Reviews
10. Individual Goal Setting Review
11. Team Goal Setting Review
12. Team Meetings

PLAYERS FEES 2018-2019

Age Group Cost
U8 $2395
U9-U14 $2695
Elite $3295
High School $2195



Fall & Spring

7v7 - Belding School, Haas Park & Montrose Grass
9v9 - British School, Amundsen
11v11 - Clark Park, Wilson Turf, Jones Turf, Amundsen


U8-U10 - Windy City Fieldhouse
Bradley Place Lil Kickers/Skills Institute (Roscoe Village)
Lake Street Lil Kickers/Skills Institute (West Loop)



The fees at the U8 - U10 level have increased due to resorting back to 1.5 hr training sessions for the fall, winter & spring which is an extra 20+ throughout the year. 

Al La Carte:

Winter Leagues - coaches will get commitments and payments in August once new teams report back.

Tournaments - Winter Freeze (Dec) , Niles (Dec) , McCook (Feb/Mar)

Technical Development Center - Fall & Winter

* We will be running one team practice at WCF/Bradley Place and 3x 25 in house scrimmages at WCF/Lake Street between Monday - Thursday. We will be running our Futsal league with the WCF staff on Friday. Players will have the option to play in another league on the weekends or continue with other sports during the winter.